Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria, VirginiaAlexandria was established in 1695 in what was then the British Colony of Virginia.  In 1791, Alexandria was included in the area chosen by George Washington to become the District of Columbia. A portion of the City of Alexandria, known as "Old Town" and all of today's Arlington County share the distinction of having been originally in Virginia, ceded to the U.S. Government to form the District of Columbia, and later given back to Virginia by the federal government in 1846, when the District was reduced in size to exclude the portion south of the Potomac River. The City of Alexandria was re-chartered in 1852. The City of Alexandria became independent of Alexandria County in 1870. The remaining portion of Alexandria County changed its name to Arlington County in 1920.  Old Town with its concentration of historic buildings, boutiques, restaurants, antique shops and theaters, it is a major draw for tourists  King Street in Old Town is pictured at left.  Some of the major attractions in or near Old Town Alexandria include:

Historic Sites/Buildings

Carlyle House
Christ Church
Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope Leighey House
Gadsby's Tavern
Gunston Hall Plantation
Lee-Fendall House
Lloyd House Alexandria Library
The Lyceum
Mount Vernon, the Estate of George Washington
Pohick Church
Ramsay House (Alexandria Visitors Center)
River Farm
Woodlawn Plantation
The Torpedo Factory Art Center


George Washington Masonic Memorial


Alexandria Archeology Museum
Fort Ward Museum and Park