Rock Creek Park

File:Rock-Creek-Park.jpgRock Creek Park is a large urban natural area within public park facilities that bisects Washington DC. The park is administered by the National Park Service.  It contains over 2000 acres.  A major portion of the park lies north of the National Zoo. It was established  in 1890. A later addition to the park was the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway which extended the park  from the zoo to the Rock Creek and Potomac River.  The Parks recreational facilities include a golf course, equestrian trails, sports venues, including a look at a stadium which host major professional events, a nature center and planetarium outdoor concert venue and picnic and playground facilities. The park also contains cultural and historical exhibits including the Pierce Mill and Civil War fortifications such as Fort Stevens.  it is a popular venue for jogging, cycling and skating  on the long winding Beach drive. The parklands follow the course of Rock Creek across the DC-Maryland border to connect with Rock Creek Stream Valley Park and Rock Creek regional Park in Montgomery County Maryland.