Korean War Veterans Memorial

Korean War Veterans MemorialAdjacent to 
Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
Washington, DC 
Phone: (202) 619-7222

Built at a cost of $18 million in donated funds, this powerful memorial to the Veterans of the Korean War, is located on a 2.2-acre site adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.  It features a sculptured column of 19-foot soldiers arrayed for combat, with the American flag as their symbolic objective. A 164-foot mural wall is inscribed with the words, "Freedom Is Not Free" and is etched with 2,500 photographic images of nurses, chaplains, crew chiefs, mechanics and other support personnel to symbolize the vast effort that sustained the military operation.  Open Daily 8 a.m.-midnight. For more information, call the National Park Service at (202) 619-7222.  Admission: Free Metro: Smithsonian   Related Links: NPS Korean War Memorial Site